Back to school blues

back to school


Whether your child is starting school or returning to a higher year, this time of year can be filled with a mix of emotions for both children and parents. Even more so given the strange times we’ve all found ourselves living in recently.


The summer holidays are generally a time when families have fun together, bedtimes are flexible and children have a little bit of a free rein. This is a wonderful time for everyone – no pressure, no schedules and no times to keep to.


So, when it’s time to get back to a routine it can be hard on everyone and emotions can run high. Starting or going back to school is really more than just a one-day event. This type of transition is about the forming of a new habit. Getting up early after weeks of sleeping late requires both the dismantling of the old sleep pattern and the creation of the new pattern. A consistent bedtime and rise time will build more structure back into your child’s day, and this new habit will help them embrace the new routine.


Any change can be hard on children, so it’s important to talk openly to them about any worries they may have. Some children will be nervous about not having their parents around all the time, as they’ve been used to over the summer break (and longer with home schooling this year). Talk to them about the positives of going back to school – seeing friends and learning new things. Make the return to school appear more of an adventure than a chore.