Best TV shows for kids on Netflix

There’s no harm in letting your kids watch TV and it’s a good way to give yourself a little down time too. Netflix is great – there’s always something your children will like, the next episode is ready and you don’t have to worry about adverts making their Christmas wish lists even longer!




Here’s a selection of the best shows on Netflix for children.


Hey Duggee

Aimed at pre-school children, this warm-hearted series promotes exercise and learning, while being a whole heap of fun at the same time. Duggee the dog leads an after-school club, The Squirrels, where children earn badges for learning new skills and trying new things.


Danger Mouse

This may well take some parents (or even grandparents!) back to their own childhood. The re-vamp of Danger Mouse and his side-kick, Penfold, features the voices of stars including Stephen Fry, and offers action and adventure for children, with comedy that adults will enjoy too.


Horrible Histories

This educational show is based on the popular book franchise, combining fun with facts. It’s witty, clever and very amusing.


Spongebob Squarepants

If the premise of ‘he lives in a pineapple under the sea’ isn’t enough for a child to indulge in the fun and surrealism of this show, then what is? This show is silly, bizarre and very endearing at the same time.


Peppa Pig

Love her or loathe her, Peppa is certainly rooted as a modern classic for children. The show is educational and teaches values, while being simple, low-key and very charming. This show appeals to boys and girls from a very young age (and you’ll have the theme tune stuck in your head for the rest of your life).