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How to deal with nappy rash

My 18-month-old son had a stomach bug recently, leaving him with diarrhoea and, consequently, a very severe case of nappy rash. With upwards of six dirty nappies a day, each of which were of the ‘burning’ variety, it was almost impossible to keep it under control. I used my old favourite, Sudocrem, at every change, […]


Baby bottom care

Sometimes those beautiful baby bottoms need to be aired. But with the necessary naked oft comes massive mess. In case you didn’t know. When teething, my 18-month-old daughter has always suffered from nappy rash, which is quite common in babies and toddlers (there are various explanations none of which are the point of my story). […]


Mummy Blogger post of the week

Our Mummy Blogger post of the week goes to Nicci for her Bubbaloves blog. Bubbaloves is a nice refreshing take on the joys of parenting. In the post below, she talks of the pain of ‘Sleepless nights and Restless days‘. sleepless nights, restless days I think all mums and dads know the feeling where they […]