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Have you heard of the innovative baby brand Minene?

Minene “my child” is the innovative baby brand, started by 3 young mothers who wanted to create quality, inventive yet practical products at competitive prices. This month, Minene are taking part in the Sudocrem Slot Machine (, where they are giving away 5 Bandana Style Bib Sets and 3 Supersized Muslins. Come back every Friday for […]


The 8 Newborn Clothing Items You’ll Really Need

We know, we know; teensy weensy outfits and itty bitty booties are almost impossible to resist – but if you’re keen to save space (and your bank balance) there’s really only a few wardrobe staples your newborn will need. Check out the list below of essential baby clothing items you should be stocking in the nursery drawers… […]


Baby Hats: Why Newborns Don’t Need Them

We know, we know; newborns sporting cutesy, teensy hats are exponentially delicious — especially the crocheted lil’ noggin warmers, courtesy of Granny-dearest and for brand-new-babe photoshoots and season’s greetings cards ad infinitum. But here’s the thing: baby hats are on their way to passé, and for reasons more important than fuzzy widdle fashion statement. […]


Babywear for Premature Babies

In the summer of 2007, new mum Nina Ignatius looked down at her beautiful new baby daughter – premature, fragile…perfect.   Housed safely inside the protective walls of an incubator, wires protruding – feeding and nourishing, Nina wondered what her child would wear; none of the clothes she had assumed her small baby would wear […]


How to make a Frozen tutu – fast!

Disney’s Frozen invasion is all set for the sequel, so there’s no point in packing up the blue paraphernalia just yet. With plenty more Elsa-themed dress-up parties in your future, here’s a super-easy, step-by-step guide to making a Frozen tutu to rival them all. This simple, no-sew (or no more than a stitch) project that takes […]