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Baby dribbling help with Dribble Ons

Dribble Ons are ‘bandana bibs’ that offer a stylish and clever solution for babies who dribble. I am a pretty fashion conscious mum – I like my daughter to look her cutest – and when my princess was teething, bibs totally disrupted my little fashionista’s carefully conspired get-up. Of course my daughter couldn’t care any […]


Ethical clothing for baby and you!

‘Organic’ is certainly staking its claim on the retail market at the moment. Organic and ethical children’s clothing is no exception. Frugi is an ethically minded clothing company that makes all of its clothes from organic, fairly traded cotton. Frugi was started by Lucy and Kurt Jewson who realised that it was incredibly difficult to find clothes […]


Bigger jackets are better!

Dressing a baby in winter is all about layering. The outside is freezing but homes, shops, the tube and restaurants are all warm, so dressing your baby or toddler in multiple layers enables you to bulk up or strip down as temperature dictates. When you leave your home your baby will most likely look like […]


Blue for a boy, pink for a girl?

How much do we condition our children to fit our (and society’s) pre-conceptions? Do we unconsciously select blue clothing for our sons and pink for our daughters?  And how would we feel if our sons wanted to wear hot pink?  Judging from the public reaction to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s tomboy wardrobe, the subject is clearly a […]