Category: Baby product reviews

Temporary Tattoos that’ll Keep Kids Safe

Kids (at the worst of times) are like cats. Give them a teensy window of opportunity for escape, and they’ll disappear before you’ve even blinked a weary eyelid – usually remaining invisible just long enough for you to launch into call-the-national-guard-panic. Then the little tykes suddenly materialise out of nowhere; totally oblivious to the pandemonium […]


Weaning Made Easy with Kidsme

When it comes to weaning, the first thing you need to do to keep your sanity is to succumb to the versatility of food by accepting that it does look great as wall art or clothing embellishment – if observed at a certain angle or in a certain light.   Another thing you might to […]


SipSnap: the one-size-fits-all sippy cup lid!

When little ones graduate from bottles to sippy cups, it’s about a new level of independence and fun. But what it also usually means is yet more plastic detritus crammed into overstuffed kitchen cupboards. But, oh, happy days! Two product designer mums have come to save us from the Tupperware tidal wave, with an ingenious […]