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Book review: Accepting Loss

In my limited experience, children are much more philosophical than we give them credit for.  They will accept facts, even unhappy ones that we struggle to come to terms with, so long as they’re given the truth with a degree of sensitivity.  Gloss over, hide or lie about a tricky subject and a child will […]


Funny children’s books

The best children’s books are those that have a sense of humour; great illustrations and playful language also go a long way. I spend many a happy moment perusing the children’s section in bookstores for new additions to my baby girl’s growing library. I make a mental note of the books I like and the […]


The best book for a toddler

My baby girl is 8 months old and her favourite book at the moment is Octopus Socktopus by Nick Sharrat. I have been reading this book to her for the last while and her reaction to Octopus Socktopus has become progressively more enthusiastic as the months have passed. Now, if she merely catches sight of […]