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Center Parcs launches new Activity Den for kids

Brit families love Center Parcs. Why? Because there’s loads of stuff to keep kids occupied. And just to up the ante, Center Parcs has just launched a new Activity Den across its five Villages in Woburn Forest (Bedfordshire), Sherwood Forest (Nottinghamshire), Elveden Forest (Suffolk), Longleat Forest (Wiltshire) and Whinfell Forest (Cumbria).Center Parcs

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The UK’s Top Holiday Hot Spots for Children

Holiday park operator, Parkdean, has just launched its annual The UK Our Way guide, which features 2014s top boredom-busting UK destinations and fun-filled attractions, as voted for by children for children.

So if you’re looking for ideas…

…here’s a snapshot of what the guide has to offer (the top three places voted for in each category):


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The 7 most popular holiday destinations for children (by children)

Forget the Colossus of Rhodes, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus!

In a recent survey British children (aged 6-11) were asked to list what they would list as the ‘seven wonders of the world’, and their answers provide fabulous insight into what a dream day out would comprise for the nation’s children.

Check it:


Safari (50%)

The Pyramids (47%)

Hollywood (36%)

Harry Potter World (44%)

London Eye (33%)

Castles (32%)

The pyramids made it! Yay for castles – good thing to like living on the British Isles and all. And I’m not sure but I think… I think the fact that Hollywood is listed as a ‘wonder’ somehow disturbs me.

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Top ten family ski holidays this season

Looking to hit a ski run with your family this season? But want somewhere fabulous for the whole family – somewhere that offer s great tuition, is clean, well-equipped and functional, is comfortable and not too far a walk from the main lifts (and maybe even the town centre), somewhere where the staff are polite, the food is yum and your family is guaranteed a good time.


Okay, so what better guide than the ‘top rated family ski holidays’ as chosen and rated by mums, for mums? Check out the Mumsnet list:

  1. Chalet La Sonnaille, Chatel Portes du Soliel, France
  2. Hotel Alphubel, Saas Fee, Switzerland
  3. Hotel Au Coin Du Feu, Morzine, France
  4. La Chaumiere, Chatel, France
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Top ten family holiday destinations for 2014

One of my favourite things about the beginning of a new year is contemplating the days of the forthcoming 365 that will be spent on holiday – travelling somewhere fabulous with my family.

As exciting as family holidays are, they aren’t always easy to plan; finding places that are dynamic enough to suit a broad age range – toddlers, children, teens and mums and dads – can be quite a chore.

To help families out, trusted travel brand Lonely Planet has announced its top travel destinations for 2014. Check the list out (in no particular order) and a super summary detailing why these places:

  • Denmark: can be pricey but great for children, especially Copenhagen and its central amusement park (Ticoli), which offers loads of free entertainment.
  • Thailand: locals love little ones and fabulous beaches are fun for families.
  • Belize: an affordable Caribbean trip; the majority of people speak English, the wildlife is a must see and the beaches are superb.
  • Kerala, India: a family-friendly version of India, Kerala is filled with elephants, palaces, castles, trains, beaches, jungles and wildlife parks. Even the food is not as spicy. Continue reading