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Tips to bring on labour

When I was first pregnant, I considered my due date an immoveable goal that I would reach at exactly 40 weeks gestation.  After all, it had been calculated by proper, white-coated doctors using mystical cardboard wheels and confirmed by various scans, so I never doubted for a minute that it might not be my baby’s […]


What do I pack in my hospital bag for birth?

Despite being massively overdue myself (a whopping 3.5 weeks with my first babe), I would strongly recommend having your hospital bag packed by Week 37.  Your baby is then considered ‘at term’ so it’ll give you peace of mind to know you’re prepared and ready to go as soon as things kick off. Even if […]


Record baby milestones

A first smile, a first tooth, a first word: all memories that parents will want to record and look back on with joy in the heart and a tear in the eye. If there is anything that can sentimentalise the most indifferent of people, it will be having a baby – not always, but often. […]