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Families with style, as voted by YOU

It will come as no surprise that the most stylish family in the world is (drum roll…) the Beckhams – according to a new survey by  – With a fashion designer for a mum and a model for a dad, style (the conventional kind) is something the kids live and breathe on a daily […]


2014’s most stylish celebrity children

Anyone in the room think that children in designer labels is possibly the most ridiculous thing on the planet? – Or am I the only mum whose daughter comes home from nursery smeared in what looks like an entire pallet of paint? Well, I guess if you’ve got loads of bucks…? And if I’m honest, […]


The 50 most inspiring celebrity mums of 2014

What qualifies a mum as inspiring? It’ll be a different set of criteria for everyone but for “Working Mother” magazine it’s about home-work balance which, in the world of celebdom, translates to being an available, committed parent whilst managing a high profile career – no mean task. In honour of inspiring celebrity mums who have […]