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Families with style, as voted by YOU

It will come as no surprise that the most stylish family in the world is (drum roll…) the Beckhams – according to a new survey by  – With a fashion designer for a mum and a model for a dad, style (the conventional kind) is something the kids live and breathe on a daily basis.

Beckham family

Any parent able to get three boys to wear coordinating tuxes that aren’t mud-stained, torn or removed-before-the-red-carpet deserves some kind of medal. (Getting my two younger brothers to wear clothes other than their pajamas in school holidays was, like, never going to happen never mind getting them into any kind of formal clothing.)

The Kardashians and Wills, Kate and baby George also featured in the top ten! Check out the full list:

The most stylish celebrity families in the world:

1. The Beckhams – 28%

2. The Kardashians – 16%

3. The Knowles-Carter family – 14%

4. The Cambridges – 11%

5. The Wrights – 10%

6. The Smiths – 8%

7. The Rooneys – 6%

8. The Minogues – 4%

9. The Humes – 2%

10. The Crouches – 1%


My girls (2 and 4) dress themselves: need I say more? They never wear matching socks (pairing is futile – I stopped doing it ages ago) and my youngest likes to mismatch her shoes too, they wear layer upon layer upon layer (I call it ‘über layering’ – watch out for this on the catwalks, folks), they have no idea about dressing for the weather (wellies in 28 degree weather and sandals when it’s minus 2) and their colour coordination is definitely something special.


But they look great! They really do! My little fashionistas prance out of their shared room every morning, presenting themselves to their dad and I, waiting for “I like your style, hun!” before they can get busy with the day.  And I totally do – like their style! In fact, I love it! It’s so London, it’s so me, it’s so them. Anything goes. It’s great!

So, in the name of unconventional style; kudos to the mums and dads who let their kids ‘dress weird’ in the name of expression. And in the same vein’; kudos to the celebrity families (and the regular kind) who manage to keep their kids clean for photo shoots and functions– I am in awe.

Who is your most stylish celebrity family?

Source: – “Beckhams voted world’s most stylish family” (

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And the best celebrity aunty of the year award goes to…

What makes a great aunty? In my books – from one aunty to another – a great aunty spends quality time with her nieces and nephews, she dishes out fabulous kisses and cuddles, reads stories and doesn’t bat an eyelid if it’s the hundredth time, always gives an extra scoop of ice-cream, is fun to the max and never ever misses a concert or birthday celebration.

No pressure.

According to a recent survey commissioned by Wrappler, Pippa Middleton wins the celebrity aunty of the year award! Why? Her cooking and baking skills, which George is sure to love!

Check out the top ten list for celebrity aunty of the year:

  1. Pippa Middleton
  2. Kim Kardashian
  3. Victoria Beckham
  4. Rihanna
  5. Cheryl Cole
  6. Beyoncé
  7. Kylie Minogue
  8. Khloe Kardashian
  9. Kelly Osbourne
  10. Zooey Deschanel

best celebrity aunty

Victoria Beckham for her fashion tips and Cheryl Cole for her beauty advice?

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2014’s most stylish celebrity children

Anyone in the room think that children in designer labels is possibly the most ridiculous thing on the planet? – Or am I the only mum whose daughter comes home from nursery smeared in what looks like an entire pallet of paint?

Well, I guess if you’ve got loads of bucks…? And if I’m honest, I love it when my four-year-old prances proudly out of her room (every morning) saying “mummy, do you like my style?” (she certainly didn’t grasp the concept from thin air).

So, labels NO but style YES!

In a new poll by Start-rite shoes, British mums revealed that it was around the age of nine that they felt children started to show their fashion independence but some mums said that their children started choosing their own clothes at the age of three.

My daughter has been choosing her own clothes for a couple of years now, and her two-year-old sister has just started showing interest in her attire – like, actually caring about the clothes she wears.

And interestingly I’d say that my four-year-old has a clear idea of what she likes and doesn’t like to wear; dungarees are a categorical no (we found out one very traumatic morning), dresses and skirts are the flavour of the moment and my daughter also has an admittedly super-suave denim zip jacket that she literally will not leave home without. My little one pretty much follows in her sister’s suite when it comes to the cool factor – and even likes to dress in her big sister’s clothes when she is not around, of course.

2014’s most stylish celebrity children

I am a fan of style, personal style rather than trendy style – and if the two so happened to overlap then so be it but most importantly, I like the idea of fashion as a mode of expression and I think my girls are in the process of developing their own fashion ethos – it’s fun to watch!

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The UK’s 10 best (and worst) celebrity birthing partners

Whether it’s your partner, your mum or a doula, every labouring woman needs a birth partner – someone who won’t mind groaning, grunting or the likelihood of having a hand crushed to a near pulp. A good birth partner should be someone who is calm, compassionate and able to fob off the occasional misdirected rant. It’s all for a good cause, after all.

The Baby Show, one of the UK’s top pregnancy and parenting events, recently surveyed mums to find out which celebs they consider the best (and worst) birthing partners. Check out the results:

Best birthing partners –

  1. Prince William
  2. Holly Willoughby
  3. David Beckham
  4. Pharrell Williams
  5. Kate Winslet
  6. Angelina Jolie
  7. Ant and Dec
  8. David Cameron
  9. David Williams
  10. JK Rowling

Ant and Dec – for real?

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The 50 most inspiring celebrity mums of 2014

What qualifies a mum as inspiring? It’ll be a different set of criteria for everyone but for “Working Mother” magazine it’s about home-work balance which, in the world of celebdom, translates to being an available, committed parent whilst managing a high profile career – no mean task.

In honour of inspiring celebrity mums who have demonstrated “talent, business acumen, innovative spirit and sheer guts to make a formidable impact on the world in so many compelling ways”, the American mag has released a list of 2014’s 50 most powerful mums.

The list features some of our favourite entertainers, including Cate Blanchett, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Sandra Bullock, Tina Fay, Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian, Amy Poehler, Shakira and Kerry Washington.

Victoria Beckham is on the list (of course!) as well as a host of other working mums who engage in the likes of philanthropy, politics, business, technology, science, journalism, biochemistry (and the list rolls on) whilst successfully managing children and family life – you might recognise some of these names:  Yingluck Shinawatra (Caretaker Prime Minister, Thailand), Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook; Author), Marissa Mayer (CEO, Yahoo!), Marianne Lake (Executive Vice President and CFO, JPMorgan Chase & Co), Laurene Powell Jobs (Philanthropist, Founder and Chair of Emerson Collective, Disney Shareholder), Sri Mulyani Indrawani (COO and Managing Director, the World Bank Group; Economist), Suzanne Collins (Author, Hunger Games series). Tory Burch Designer and Founder, Tory Burch; Activist) and Christiane Amanpour (Chief International Correspondent, CNN).

These are all women who fly the flag of feminism well high (kudos)!

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