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BellaMoon: The Perfect Pillow for Pregnancy and Beyond

Pregnancy is not just uncomfortable when you’re on your feet—sleep is especially hard to come by when you have to accommodate a burgeoning bump, plus all the attendant ligament aches and pains. And once baby’s out, frequent feeds in awkward positions can leave you just as sore. Enter the pillow to transform your nights, naps, and newborn snuggles.

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Snoo: The Cot that Promises to Send Your Tot to Sleep in Minutes

Maximising the zzz’s is every sleep-deprived parent’s goal – albeit a rarely realised one. Check out this ingenious cot that promises to achieve just that, rocking your tot to lalaland within literal minutes…

Snoo cot

Developed by famed baby sleep whisperer and paediatrician, Dr Harvey Karp, along with MIT industrial design experts, the “smartest, and safest baby bed” in the world, The Snoo, claims to get babies to sleep far more effectively than an exhausted pair of newbie (or even well-seasoned) parents can. Continue reading

An infant car seat that turns into a pram – genius!

Welcome to the world’s first infant car seat with fully integrated wheels! It’s a real thing – its name is Doona; it’s won awards and it’s pretty, gosh-darned awesome.

An infant car seat that turns into a pram – genius!

The Doona switches from car seat chair to pushchair with the push of a button – in one simple motion. The product has four wheels that collapse under the seat base; a button is pushed, the wheels are released and a pram emerges. It’s genius – no more hauling weighty car seats in and out of cars!

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