Category: Gadgets for mums

Snoo: The Cot that Promises to Send Your Tot to Sleep in Minutes

Maximising the zzz’s is every sleep-deprived parent’s goal – albeit a rarely realised one. Check out this ingenious cot that promises to achieve just that, rocking your tot to lalaland within literal minutes… Developed by famed baby sleep whisperer and paediatrician, Dr Harvey Karp, along with MIT industrial design experts, the “smartest, and safest baby […]


FlatBox: the fold-out lunchbox!

Crusty play-centre high chairs, picnic tables painted in pigeon poop, and miscellaneous Petri dish-style public surfaces…dodgy places to eat are par for the course when a packed lunch is on the menu. Unless you’ve got the FlatBox-LunchBox. […]