Category: Gadgets for mums

FlatBox: the fold-out lunchbox!

Crusty play-centre high chairs, picnic tables painted in pigeon poop, and miscellaneous Petri dish-style public surfaces…dodgy places to eat are par for the course when a packed lunch is on the menu. Unless you’ve got the FlatBox-LunchBox. […]


A great gift for mums

With Mother’s Day 2015 come and gone (how is it Spring already – and thank goodness it is!?) and the gift frenzy over it’s also important to remember that we don’t have to wait until the second weekend of March to dish out some momma lovin’. So, with that in mind, how about a stainless […]


New self-charging pram that folds automatically

Are there any parents out there who find folding a pram, like, the most infuriating thing in the entire world? I’ve had literal kicking matches with our family pram, which has served three babies (I’ll give it that much). It is a nightmare to collapse, and I’ve usually come out worse off – frazzled, sweaty, […]