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Brit Mums 2014 – Being a blogging mummy

Last weekend, our very own blogger ambassador, Ruth Davies, visited Brit Mums 2014 on behalf of Sudocrem. This huge event saw some of the UK’s biggest baby bloggers and influencers come together and share their thoughts. Following the event, Ruth has written about her experience and it goes a little something like this….

Why start a blog?

“The outcomes from my blog are definitely a point for me to focus on. I get to do wonderfully exciting things with my children, meet celebrities, dine in fine restaurants, wear gorgeous clothes and use new and innovative products from the latest set of buggy wheels to a super duper fan, which, otherwise, I would never have been able to afford.

I love the perks I receive from it, but I work jolly hard for them too and because I really have grafted, with a lot of persistence, I have also managed to monetise my writing and turn my blog into not just something to provide the occasional perk, but a working business also. I have a registered Ltd company and even though I don’t know much about any of the logistics of running one, with help from my Dad, I’m doing it!

Turning blogger sense into business sense

Blogging IS big business these days; with on line advertising and reading from a computer being far easier than picking up a magazine and suddenly, from when I first started to now, people are really sitting up and taking us bloggers seriously. I am being offered freelance work away from my blog but around the issues I tackle and skills I use for it. It feels like I have created a job for myself! There are some damn good writers blogging out there and I for one am championing the fact that with the internet we now have the opportunity to make our own luck in this field, whereas before it could have been a massive struggle to get quiet voices heard.


I have built my blog up on my own with only bits and bobs of help from friends, my brothers and my parents, who have all stepped up for me in one way or another.

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21 essential baby products!

When it comes to essential baby products, a parent’s advice is invaluable. Mums and dads who have used products offer a realistic view of the product – minus the marketing mumbo jumbo – because it is usually without agenda, just an honest opinion.

In fact, 73 per cent of mums rely on product recommendations from parenting social media – according to BabyCenter’s most recent “Social Mom Report”.

With a view to create the ultimate product recommendation engine, launched an online voting event that generated more than 34,000 votes in 21 categories, as parents voiced their opinions and shared their experience – in a three-step process, these votes were then analysed and thousands of products were whittled down to the must-haves that mums love most.

Want to know which breast pump to buy or which booster seat mums like best? What about the best nappy bag (for mums and dads), the best high chair and the best toys for babies and toddlers?

Here are 21 ‘overall’ Mums’ Picks, which represent the winning products across multiple attributes (usability, aesthetics, convenience etc.): Continue reading

What mums say about morning sickness

What helps with morning sickness? In a recent survey by “Prima Baby & Pregnancy”, mums shared their tips on how to steer clear from the toilet bowl. Check it out:

32% – nothing worked

24% – eating smaller meals more often

14% – eating something containing ginger

9% – avoiding strong smells

7% – eating a plainer meal

7% – travel sickness band

5% – sucking on an ice cube

1% – foot massage

1% – acupuncture

So nothing is the answer. This will either make mums sigh in relief (because you’re not the only one who has tried everything, to no avail) or you’ll want to bury your head in your pillow and have a good try. But before you do that, think of it this way: 68% of mums said that something did work!

And while we’re playing at Pollyanna; be glad if you’re not suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (severe, debilitating nausea in pregnancy), which has achieved celeb status since poor Kate was hospitalised with this horrible version of morning sickness.

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What mums really think about work

Being a mum is the toughest job ever; the most rewarding but definitely the most difficult. I’m sure I don’t need to argue the point.

Women who manage a career (from a home office, a city office – full time or part time) and a family – oy vey! The title ‘working mum’ magnifies the difficulty. Mums (and dads) who have not only the job of raising socially conscious, responsible individuals but also the task of contributing to the family finances – it’s a juggling act that require both great skill and great sensitivity.

So, how do mums feel about being… well, mums and career gals?

In a recent survey by job site – 37% per cent of respondents worked full time, 41% part time and the rest were not working  – it was revealed that:

* 40% of working mums have taken a step back in their career since having children. Only 29% have progressed, and the rest have stayed at the same level.

What mums really think about work

* Women are concerned about the lack of flexible new jobs. A third of respondents feel trapped in the job they went on maternity leave from because they could not find a new job which would give them the work life balance they needed.

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Mums’ pregnancy tips

Pregnancy is entirely personal. Women do it differently. Women experience it differently. And there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way – let no one cajole you into thinking otherwise.

Although it’s important to allow yourself embrace the feelings (both positive and negative) brought on by pregnancy, there’s no harm in hearing advice and listening to the experiences of mums who have ‘been there, done that’ or are pregnant as well.

In the name of a little female bonding and familiarity, here are some Mums’ pregnancy tips that other pregnant mums have learnt (are learning) on their journey:

Liz Azilagyi aka The Health Convert (27 weeks preggers) says:

1. Making bread is good for you – “I love the smell, and opening the breadmaker to see a fresh loaf makes me happy.”

2. Walk yourself happy – “I always go for a 30-minute walk in my lunch hour. It stops me feeling sluggish and gives me an energy boost.”

3. Treat your body – “I slather myself with Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter all the time, and I haven’t got any stretchmarks yet.”

Rachel Whitaker aka The Fashionista (33 weeks preggers) says:

1. Bumps should be flaunted – “I tie a slim gold belt above my bump on a black dress, rather than on the waist where I used to where it. It highlights my shape nicely.

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