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Brit Mums 2014 – Being a blogging mummy

Last weekend, our very own blogger ambassador, Ruth Davies, visited Brit Mums 2014 on behalf of Sudocrem. This huge event saw some of the UK’s biggest baby bloggers and influencers come together and share their thoughts. Following the event, Ruth has written about her experience and it goes a little something like this….

Why start a blog?

“The outcomes from my blog are definitely a point for me to focus on. I get to do wonderfully exciting things with my children, meet celebrities, dine in fine restaurants, wear gorgeous clothes and use new and innovative products from the latest set of buggy wheels to a super duper fan, which, otherwise, I would never have been able to afford.

I love the perks I receive from it, but I work jolly hard for them too and because I really have grafted, with a lot of persistence, I have also managed to monetise my writing and turn my blog into not just something to provide the occasional perk, but a working business also. I have a registered Ltd company and even though I don’t know much about any of the logistics of running one, with help from my Dad, I’m doing it!

Turning blogger sense into business sense

Blogging IS big business these days; with on line advertising and reading from a computer being far easier than picking up a magazine and suddenly, from when I first started to now, people are really sitting up and taking us bloggers seriously. I am being offered freelance work away from my blog but around the issues I tackle and skills I use for it. It feels like I have created a job for myself! There are some damn good writers blogging out there and I for one am championing the fact that with the internet we now have the opportunity to make our own luck in this field, whereas before it could have been a massive struggle to get quiet voices heard.


I have built my blog up on my own with only bits and bobs of help from friends, my brothers and my parents, who have all stepped up for me in one way or another.

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Help on choosing twin names

This article was kindly provided by Kerry (aka, our ‘Mummy Blogger of the Month‘!

It is always difficult when coming to that point of time in your pregnancy (like the day before your due date) when you think, ‘we really must agree on a name!’ It is a tough decision as you have to love the name forever, you can’t change your mind (well after the 6 week registered deadline you can’t) and then they have to live with it.

The name you choose shapes and characterises them right from the start. The name you choose really is a big deal and you have the situation of not wanting every third child in a class to be called that name, to not wanting it to be so obscure that it could lead to difficult times, and feelings of not fitting in.

help choosing twins names

When hubby and I found out we were expecting our first-born (a singleton) the name game began. It was like that scene from ‘Friends’ when Ross and Rachel keep on vetoing names. Both of us being teachers did not help. You relate so many names to kids you know, and although you should not assume a personality trait, you do.

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Mummy Blogger of the month

October’s Mummy Blogger of the month award goes to Jen from The Mad House.

Jen lives in a mad house with her hubby and two lovely sons. She is a freelance project manager, writer and partner in Blogger Ed, The Tots100 and The MAD Blog Awards, and also deputy editor of the Great Toy Guide.

And this lovely mum still finds time to blog! Never mind manage a family.

So, what makes this mad mum tick? Read Jen’s blog and check out our interview to find out…

1. Is blogging addictive?

I think it can be in the beginning; for me blogging has always been about getting the words I have flying about my head out and on paper and I have lots of words in my head!          

2. What’s the worst parenting advice you have ever been given?

The worst advice is always the unsolicited advice given when I do not want or need it.  I want to be able to make my own parenting mistakes and often so.

3. What has been your favourite day out this year? Tell us about it.

My favourite day out was an unscheduled picnic on the North Yorkshire Moors.  It was one of those days that was supposed to be wet, but wasn’t so we made the most of it and packed a quick picnic and went to our favourite spot, buy a beck and spent the day with books, Sunday papers, kites and lots of paddling and stopped off at Whitby on the way home for fish and chips for dinner.

4. If your boys were cartoon characters, who would they be and why?

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Mummy blogger of the month

September’s ‘Mummy Blogger of the Month’ title goes to Claire from Being A Mummy.

This brave mum of almost three (two toddlers and a baby on the way) started her blog as a means of recording all of the adventures and experiences invoked by motherhood. In her other life, Claire is an archaeologist, with a specialty in bone identification, and a museum curator.

Read our interview to learn more about another fabulous mummy blogger:

1. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I love the fact that I have a record of my life with my kids, it’s something that I would never have got otherwise as I’m rubbish at keeping a diary. Blogging has opened up a wealth of opportunities for me and the kids most of which I could never have even dreamt about, it’s a brilliant thing to do!

2. What’s the most important parenting tip you were given by, or learnt from, your mum?

Put yourself first!

3. What has been your most memorable family holiday? Tell us about it.

Going on our first family holiday with a toddler. It was full of moments of joy and wonderful to see our little boy discovering the waves and the sand. I can clearly remember feeling total joy and pride when I was watching my husband and son playing on the beach.

4. Describe your worst moment as a parent?

My nightmare happened when boy turned blue and passed out at three weeks old. We ended up calling an ambulance and we  were in A & E for hours. It turned out he had something called Silent Acid Reflux, but it took a long time to diagnose this, in fact several more trips to A & E. There is nothing worse than that hopeless feeling of being with your poorly child and not being able to do anything to help.

5. What is your fondest childhood memory?

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Mummy Blogger of the month

August’s ‘Mummy Blogger of the Month’ title goes to Steffi; mum of two and author of Mummy Do That.

Steffi works in the voluntary sector for a major children’s charity, is an activist and also a nutty knitter. She is passionate about asylum and refugee issues, child poverty, sustainability/climate change/peak oil, parenting and crafting… and has been blogging for a looong time. How does she do it?

Read our interview with this dedicated mum to find out what makes her tick:

1. Is there such a thing as ‘too many bloggers’?

No, not really. Every blog is different and the more the merrier, the more inspiration, the more fun. It does get difficult keeping up with all blogs that I like these days, but there’s no pressure, your read, comment, write as much or as little as you like. It’s all good.

2. What is the biggest hindrance to keeping your blog up to date?

Time. I never write as much as I’d like to. Sometimes, there’s an article that needs some research and I simply don’t manage to get the time to do that, and it may just not make an appearance at all. I have many interests, and as much as I enjoy blogging, the balance has to be right – I could spend my whole free time blogging, but there are other things I enjoy doing and I make sure not to lose sight of them!

3. What is your favourite family holiday memory?

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