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The Baby Focus: How to Get Brilliant Pics of Your Little One – Every Time!

Of all the ‘picture perfect moments’ you’ve managed to orchestrate on camera, how many tries did it take to make your little one keep stillish, look in the right direction (ish) and not get bored to tears with your tedious distraction tricks?

The Baby Focus: How to Get Brilliant Pics of Your Little One - Every Time!

Yep. Much like every other mum to own a smartphone, your picture gallery is crammed with at least a billion bad shots of the same thing.

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Find tot-friendly spots with the new Bubele app

London is bursting with fun things to do, fascinating places to see, and a great horde of fairly interesting people to squash up against in the Tube.

Find tot-friendly spots with the new Bubele app

But when you have a tiny tot in tow, it is near impossible to experience the City without a military-style operation to facilitate your day out.

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New Disney Junior Play App for preschoolers

With summer hols upon us Disney’s new Disney Junior Play app might be a worthy investment – a very worthy, sanity preserving investment.

If you’re at all worried about your child gawking at yet another screen while you blitz around the house getting stuff done, the games are intended to be educational (if that makes you feel any better?); other activities included on the app are ‘placement games’ (to encourage logical thinking), ‘hide-and-seek games’ to reward observation skills and catching games (to reward fast fingers).

The app does not miss out on Disney junior’s most well-loved characters, from Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins to Mickey Mouse and his Clubhouse) to Jake and the Never Land Pirates. With the app, comes a (free) ‘Disney Junior Favourites’, with four games and a sticker book. Other theme packs can be purchased and added.

New Disney Junior Play App for preschoolers

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iPad baby seat – right or wrong?

Oh… the parents are up in arms and the blogisphere is hot with debate. “What’s new?” you ask – well, for one: the Newborn-to-toddler Apptivity Seat for iPad device by Fisher Price US.

Laura Perrins (former barrister and stay at home mother with two small children) writing for “The Telegraph” calls the Apptivity Seat the “worst baby equipment of the year” whereas mum Monica Bielanko writing for tells the ‘Judgy McJudgersons’, in a brilliantly sarcy (and oh-my-goodness hilarious) article, that the contraption just “isn’t a big deal”. Two opposing opinions representing the parent divide on an invention that is sure to be the talk of mummy town for a while yet.

So, what do you think?

Before you decide how about a little product info?

The Apptivity Seat is a grow seat that reclines to three different positions and has a soft head support but it’s the adjustable toy bar that is causing dissension in the ranks: it has dangling activity toys that are always within reach and a large, 7” mirror with the option to insert your iPad into the mirror’s case.

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New free kids cooking app – perfect for winter festivities

Award winning recipe site Great British Chefs has teamed up with Tesco for the launch of a new free kids cooking app aimed at inspiring parents and children to cook together this festive season.

The Great British Chefs Kids Christmas app is a sequel to the award-winning Great British Chefs/Tesco Kids App. The 100-plus recipes on the app aim to help children be more confident in the kitchen ahead of Christmas, encouraging them to combine new flavours and ingredients, follow recipes, understand cooking processes and enjoy creating meals for all the family.

Children are always excited about Christmas – food included – and if your little one hasn’t yet ventured into the kitchen Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get your child cooking and learning about food and home-made meals.

And I don’t know about y’all but the messier the recipe, the happier my girls are; they want to touch and squish and mix and cut – the free kids cooking app seems to offer recipes that are simple (for novice mums as well as novice kids) and fun enough for little ones to get stuck into and mucky with.

The recipe collection also offers a balance of healthy meals, savoury and sweet treats, as well as a selection of vegetarian recipes, and includes tea-time dinners such as ‘bubble and squeak risotto’, ‘shepherd’s pie’, ‘Naanza (Indian pizza)’ or ‘Snowed under salmon’ to special treats like ‘gingerbread safari biscuits’,  ‘mince pies’, ‘snow blondies’, ‘turkey and stuffing sausage rolls’ and ‘mini mincemeat puffs’ to tasty desserts like our ‘glittering meringue forest’ or ‘Christmas pudding ice cream’.

Sound yum?

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