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The Labour-Inducing Pizza. (Apparently.)

Want another reason to indulge your greasy-grub craving besides quelling the hormonal mood swing? How ’bout labour induction – according to a US pizza chain, one particular item on their menu possesses the magic power to get your baby moving on out when you’re due and done with being super-size. […]


Hay Fever in Pregnancy: What’s Safe to Take? 

While we all look forward to the warmer months, hay fever can put a damper on the sunshine seasons. Around 1 in 4 people will get it at some point, and if you’re pregnant, you may suffer worse. Pregnancy hormones are responsible for exacerbating hay fever; ironically, it’s being pregnant that severely limits what you can take to […]


Sixty Percent of Women Afraid to Ask Midwives Advice  

Pregnancy is an incredible feat of physiology; and it all can seem so mysterious – that a myriad questions and concerns over your changing body and growing baby is inevitable. But according to new research, many women are not always voicing these fears for fear that they’ll be perceived as wasting the experts’ time. The result is […]