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New Julia Donaldson book – Tales From Acorn Wood review

Tales From Acorn Wood is a cute story about a happy little village called Acorn Wood. The book is great for smaller children who will have a fabulous time opening flaps to discover which woodland creatures are hiding behind them.

Julia Donaldson is best known for The Gruffalo, but all her stories contain fabulous illustrations and a lovely sense of humour accompanies the message inherent in each story – and Tales From Acorn Wood is no exception.

My one-year-old daughter loves hearing about a fabulous birthday party, a game of hide-and-seek and a poor rabbit that just can’t sleep.

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Debi Glory’s Nursery Rhyme book

I am in the process of teaching my 8-month-old daughter the Nursery Rhymes that I learned as a child. As I sing Incy Wincy Spider and perform the actions with as much vigour as I can muster, my baby girl merely stares at me as if I have been dropped in from a distant planet. The fact that she thinks I am bonkers does not deter me.

By the time she is old enough to speak she will either tell me to keep my Nursery Rhymes to myself or she will adore them as I did (and apparently still do). I have been repeating nursery Rhymes to Amelia since her birth, not based on my brilliant memory – I had to buy a book to help me remember.

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Book review: Accepting Loss

In my limited experience, children are much more philosophical than we give them credit for.  They will accept facts, even unhappy ones that we struggle to come to terms with, so long as they’re given the truth with a degree of sensitivity.  Gloss over, hide or lie about a tricky subject and a child will not only see straight through you but it’ll dent the trust they place in you.

I’ll never forget driving my daughter to nursery, sometime after she’d questioned me about the gravestones outside our local church.  As we passed a leafy graveyard, en route to the school, my little girl sang out, “Look Mummy, look at all the dead people!”.  It was a while before my heartbeat returned to normal and I realised she was referring to the graves and we hadn’t stumbled into some re-make of The Sixth Sense.  She, of course, was totally unfazed at casually dropping death into the conversation and was innocently commenting on a site that interested her.

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