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Dad Experiences the Pain of Labour – and it’s Hilarious (Obviously)

Think of all the imaginative Mother’s Day presents you’ve received over the years, and when put together, they probably still won’t trump this dad’s attempt at the ultimate ‘thoughtful’ gift for the mother of his children… In a show of loving solidarity – and possibly a bit of masochistic stupidity –  American Broadcaster Penn Holderness […]


13 Things That Dads Should Bring to the Hospital

A lot of fuss gets made about mummy-to-be’s hospital bag. But even though mama is the one with the title role during the big ‘L’, Daddy doesn’t exactly have it breezy playing sidekick. So here’s a list of a few pre-packed supplies for him that will make for a better prepped birthing partner — and […]


Dadbod is Real, Says Science!

So, you’ve had three kids and your belly is not quite what it used to be; that’s what happens when something is stretched to some serious kind of proportion (more than once). But what about ‘dadbod’? You know – cuddly torso, gentle paunch with killer guns and sexy-toned legs…uh, it’s not like dad had to […]