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The Reason Disney Princesses Wear Blue 

Quickly run through the catalogue of the most famous Disney princesses in your head…Elsa, Jasmine, Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Ariel — besides the fact that they’re all outrageously pretty and uncannily pitch-perfect, there’s another thing they share in common: they all wear blue. (Even non-royalty Alice dons a blue day dress under her pinny for her romps in Wonderland, and Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora has a gown that transforms from pink to blue).

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As a mum, I’m become somewhat of a self-styled (i.e. totally amateur) videographer, documenting – or attempting to – every possible momentous happening in my toddler’s thus far spectacular time on the planet.


The result is approximately three years’ worth of footage of, mostly, nothing.  Absolute non-events. Because, 9 times outta ten, it takes FOREVER for your kid to actually do whatever it is you’re camera-poised for them to do. Continue reading