Children Spend 56 Days A Year Playing Videogames And Watching TV!

A new study by Ronseal looked into the behavioural habits of children and how they spend their time. The study is part of the Go On, Get Outdoors campaign headed up by celebrity gardening expert Kim Wilde.

The results proved to be a little shocking and should see parents evaluating their own child’s behaviour habits. If you need some help getting the kids outside, click on our own blog article offering six suggestions for outdoor activities for kids.

Now, let’s look at some numbers…

Kids now spend almost 10 x as much time watching TV or playing on videogames than they do outside.

Kids spend 587 hours per year playing video games

Kids spend 784 hours per year glued to the box

Children spend just 2.6 hours per week outdoors

31% families never hold social events in their garden

In fact, only 11% of families admit to only taking part in family outdoor activities together such as games or bike rides, once a year.

This is all a little surprising, yet four out of ten parents (40%) admit the biggest obstacle to their children playing outside is that, as parents, they don’t feel it is safe for youngster to play outside or they claim they don’t have the time to supervise their children’s outdoor play. A further 11% say their children simply don’t enjoy playing outside.

Kate Sitch, from Ronseal, said: “Socialising and playing games or sports in the garden should be daily part of children’s lives. Unfortunately our research has shown that this just isn’t the case.

“We are hoping that through Ronseal’s Go On, Get Outdoors campaign we can really make a difference to children’s lives by encouraging parents and kids to turn off the TV and step outside into their gardens and start enjoying some fresh air, whatever the weather.”


– Children spend 4.7 days per month playing video games and watching TV (56 days per year)

– Children spend total of 587 hours per year playing video games

– Children spend total 784 hours per year watching TV

– Children spend 2.6 hours per week outdoors (5.7 days per year)

– 11% families take part in outdoor activities together once per year

– 25% families take part in outdoor activities together one per month

– Families spend an average of 2.5 days per month in the garden

– 59% parents deny their children spend too much time indoors

– 55% parents spent more time outdoors when they were younger than their children

– 40% parents don’t think it’s safe for children to play outside unsupervised

– 11% parents believe children don’t enjoy playing outside

– 31% families never hold social events in their garden

– 22% families only hold social events in their garden once per year

– 42% children never help their parents with the gardening

(Research based on a national poll of 2,000 adults carried out by in April 2012 on behalf of Ronseal)

Does this survey sound right to you? It looks like we could do with some advice, how do you entice your little ones outside?