My Little Masterpiece

Christmas disasters!

From forgetting to turn the oven on to cook the turkey to being overheard discussing the ‘Santa’ presents you’ve bought that day, many parents have experienced disasters over the Christmas period. Here are a few that will give you a giggle.



“The turkey expanded in the oven, it was huge, and Daddy had to take the door off the oven to get it out…”


“My mother cooked the turkey one Christmas Eve and let it out to cool before we went visiting. Someone had left a window open in the kitchen and when we got back, there were two cats sitting either side of it, happily eating away! Can’t remember what we ate instead but my mum has never liked cats since!”


“My childhood dog was about 14 and had gone blind earlier that year. I guess since he couldn’t see, he got confused by the tree in the house. While we were all sitting around the room, he peed on the tree and blew all the lights. The tree even started smoking. He walked away completely unfazed.”


“The Christmas tree broke in half while I was sitting on the floor next to it. It fell on my head, an ornament broke, and it cut my head open.”


“We got up Christmas morning and started to dish out the presents from under the tree. However, all of the lovely dangly labels were missing. Our kittens had found them to be the best toys ever and everyone had an interesting morning unwrapping and swapping presents around, as no one knew whose was whose!’


“We hosted Christmas shortly after the birth of my second child. Sleep deprived and in a bit of a zombie state, I wondered why people weren’t helping themselves to the lashings of gravy… turns out I added some of the caramel sauce to it that I was using for dessert!”


“After we’d enjoyed our Christmas feast an my in-law’s house, I fed our two-month old baby, then burped him. Granddad insisted on having a cuddle after, which turned into a lot of bouncy fun and projectile milk vomit all over the beautifully decorated table!”


“A few years ago, we had all the family over for Boxing Day and we decide to have a tennis tournament on our Nintendo Wii. An over-vigorous serve by my uncle resulted in the glass light fitting in the living room crashing down on all of us!”