Coping with the pressures of working from home

A while ago the prospect of working from home may have seemed perfect. Working around your children, saving on childcare and having time to spend with them during the day. Now, it’s a necessity for many parents, rather than a choice. How can you cope with working from home while looking after your children at the same time? Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Coping with the pressures of working from home


Depending on the age of your children, and the nature of your work, there are different ways you can approach working from home. If your child still takes regular naps, then you can use this time to your advantage. Try and schedule any important calls or work that you need to be able to focus on 100% for these times. Albeit it is probably easier said than done. If your work isn’t time-sensitive, perhaps set aside some time in the evenings for this, when little ones are in bed or while your partner can take over for a while.


Establishing a routine is a good idea, even if life is far from normal at the moment. Designate certain times for particular tasks, trying to stick to this as much as you can. There will obviously need to be a fair amount of flexibility, but having something in place to aim for can really help you to stay focused and feel in control.


Make sure to take regular breaks to stay productive in your work – the home environment is a very different one to work in, remember to look after yourself, psychically and mentally. This can also help you find a balance between your work and giving your children attention – even five or ten minutes every couple of hours will keep your brain sharp and your little ones entertained.


Perhaps the most important thing is to not put too much pressure on yourself. This is a new way of life for you at the moment, so take each day as it comes and you’ll learn to find a way to juggle your parenting responsibilities with your work ones.