Creative ideas with building blocks

Many children love building blocks – from seeing how high they can build a tower to making cars, houses and boats. So, why not take advantage of this by trying some of these creative ideas? They can also help with your little one’s learning at the same time.


building blocks



Letter and number blocks are brilliant for helping your child count and learn the alphabet. Attach letters and numbers to some brightly coloured blocks and see if they can arrange them in order or spell out their name and other words – they can either do this by laying them next to each other or building them on top.


If you have blocks of different shapes, then this is a good way to help your child learn matching skills. Draw around the blocks on a piece of paper and then see if your little one can work out which shape fits in which outline.


Use blocks to build a tower, bridge or any interesting shape in a place where it will create a shadow. Place a piece of paper so the shadow shows and let your child draw around it and then colour it in after to match the original.


Take some big blocks of the same size and cut out some pictures of animals from a magazine or print them out. Cut the pictures in half and stick each half onto the side of a block. Mix them all up and let your little one try and make the whole animal again by matching the blocks and fixing them together.