Why dads are ‘the fun parent’

The collective voice of UK mums has spoken; dads are ‘the fun parent’.

Of the 2,000 mums polled in a recent survey by swimming school Water Babies, 70 per cent believe that  they are the ‘bad cop’ whilst dad is the ‘good cop’. And it sort of makes sense; even in today’s modern (less gender specific) society, men are the primary breadwinners and women the primary caregivers – at least when children are young.

What this means is that mums spend more time with the kids than dads, so obviously mum will be the one who metes out most of the disciplinary action in the family.

The limited amount of time that dad does spend with the kids is usually all about the fun, and less about the rules – I mean, who wants to be the big bad boss when time is short?

Why dads are ‘the fun parent’

How this translates: mum is old hat, boring whilst dad is cool and exciting.

Many mums, 60 per cent, have spoken to their other half about the unfair (albeit understandable) disparity in their children’s perceptions, and it sometimes results in an argument. A quarter of mums are bugged by being the ‘boring’ parent and 30 per cent are worried about being too bossy.

The survey did also reveal that there is a solution to the ‘good cop/bad cop’ scenario; ninety per cent of mums said that the rolls reversed when dad assumed the day to day routine giving mum a chance to engage in ‘bonding activities’ with the kids rather than merely child management.

In my family, I am like a comfy old armchair and dad is an ice cream on a hot day. Sometimes it sucks but we make sure that he does some rule enforcing too – just to even the balance out. The fact is: that being able to spend so much time with my children, rules and all, is a great privilege – I love and appreciate the opportunity, and I know my babydaddy envies the time I get to spend with them, in spite of the fact that he gets to be ‘the fun one’.

Who’s the fun parent n your house?

Source: Motherandbaby.co.uk – “Anyone Else Think Your Partner’s The ‘Fun One’ In Your Kids’ Eyes?”