Dealing with emotions about your child starting school

When your child is starting school for the first time it can be a huge emotional wrench. However much you think you may have prepared yourself, walking away from school and leaving your little one in the care of someone else can be hard.


starting school


You’re not alone though… most parents feel emotional when their child starts school. Here are a few tips that other parents have shared online about how to cope with those feelings.


“It will be hard to let go… and you may feel a little lost. Don’t go home to an empty house. Find something to do.”


“There are bound to be tears on the first day of school… and that’s just you! Try and hold it in at the school, but let yourself cry when you get home. It can be traumatic and emotional, but also a wonderful next stage in your life.”


“Remember, there’s no right way to behave or feel on your child’s first day of school. It might be very emotional for you or it might not. The best thing to do is to try and take your mind off it.”


“Plan a little treat for you on the first day – meet a friend, go shopping without a child in tow, get some jobs done around the house that you’ve been meaning to do. Just keeping yourself busy will help to take your mind off things.”


“I found the best way to cope on my son’s first day at school was to just keep busy. I did things around the house that I hadn’t had the time to do before, but I did keep checking my watch to see how long it was until pick-up time!”