DIY Oobleck Slime!

Do we really need more slime in our lives—another recipe over which to agonise and apologise when we get it wrong, no matter how basic the instructions? This one claims to be basic too, but it lives up to the hype. Plus, playing with slime is a great (and cheap!) soothing activity.

DIY Oobleck Slime

Straight from the TheDadLab’s trusty stash of rainy-day saving graces, here is the slime you’ve been looking for all your child’s toddler life: ooey, gooey, cheap-as-chips Oobleck slime.

“Oobleck is an example of a ‘shear- thickening’ liquid, which just means that it gets thicker and more viscous when it’s stirred,” says TheDadLab founder, Sergei Urban.

“That’s because the tiny grains in the mixture – the grains of cornflour – get locked together when they’re squeezed up against one another.

“Oobleck is an example of what’s called a non-Newtonian fluid. The name comes from Sir Isaac Newton, who studied how normal fluids flow. He found that they keep the same viscosity as they flow, getting neither thicker nor thinner.”

So now that you have the science—lest your tots should care—here’s how to get your Oobleck on:

Set aside 25 minutes to make 

What you’ll need

Two cups of cornflour

One cup of water

Large bowl


  1. Pour cornflour and water into a large bowl. Drop in some food colouring at this stage, if you like.
  2. Mix by hand. If you notice any dry cornflour grains, add a little extra water.
  3. The test: scoop out a sloppy handful of slime; squeeze it—if it sticks together, with a clay-like consistency, you’re good to go (it will liquify again as soon as you cease squeezing).

TIP: Poke the oobleck quickly—it will bounce back, leaving no residue on your finger. Now dip your finger in slowly…it’s runny and slimy!

Via madeformums.