My Little Masterpiece

Don’t compare yourself to others

As humans, we spend a large part of our time questioning our actions, looking at what other people are doing and wondering if we could be doing things better. None more so than when we become parents.



Wanting the best for your children is a natural instinct. Whether this is giving them weekends of fun-filled activities, dressing them in nice clothes, sending them to the best school or just keeping them safe and happy. And this is where looking at what others are doing can be your downfall. Questioning your beliefs and the way you go about your day-to-day parenting can sometimes be escalated by the pressure of what others are doing, and can often becoming overwhelming.


Social media can be one of the biggest factors in parents comparing themselves to others. Idealistic pictures, from potential strangers, can influence you and make you question what you’re doing as a parent, but is it real?


Behind the scenes, it can be a different matter altogether. Just because your neighbour left her house for the school run looking immaculate with smiling children, while you’ve struggled to get your tantrum-ing toddler into matching socks, it doesn’t make you a lesser parent. They may have looked completely unprepared days before, but you just might not have seen it.


There seems to be some kind of pedestal parents are placed upon without their knowledge, and it can sometimes feel like everyone around is judging you. They’re probably not, but so what if they are? You’re only human and all you can ever do is your best.


Hold your head up high. There’s nobody other than you going through your journey. There’s a high chance your kids won’t remember what car you took them to school in or if your vegetables were organic. What they will remember is the time you spent with them, the fun you had and the crazy adventures you went on.


Life itself is a big adventure, and as a parent it’s even more exciting. Do it your way, not the way you may feel pressured into as there are likely many other parents who feel the same.