Easy ways to make exercise fun

Children need to develop their bodies as well as their minds. Everyone knows exercise is important for people of all ages and abilities, but how can you get your little ones excited about exercise? By making it fun!


happy child boy rides a racetrack in Park in the summer


Star jumps

See who can do ten star jumps in a row. Make it a competition if you want to. See if they can do even more than ten. This is a good activity to help with counting too.


Touch your toes

Get your children to reach up as high as they can towards the sky, then stretch down and see if they can touch their toes. Repeat this as many times as they can.


Rocket launches

Squat down and touch the ground between your feet, then leap up into the air with your arms reaching high above your head – like a rocket launching into space.


Cow and cat shapes

Start on all fours and get your little ones to curl their back up into an arch like a cat, then flatten their back out and stick their bum out like a cow. Make it even more fun by doing the noises too!


Animal races

Imitate the moves of an animal as you have races – waddle like a duck, leap like a frog or hop like a rabbit.


Balloon games

Kids love balloons, so why not make them part of your exercise? To get your children moving and stretching, as well as practising hand-eye coordination, see how long you can keep a balloon up in the air for.


Musical statues

You don’t need to wait for a birthday party to play this game. Dancing is great exercise and lots of fun too.


Bubble wrap jump

If you have any bubble wrap lying around, then use it as a mat for your children to jump on until they pop all of the bubbles.