Embrace the beauty of autumn

Summer’s gone, but there’s no reason to be sad – autumn is a great time for kids to have fun. Think welly walks, leaf jumping and conker collecting! It’s one of the most beautiful and colourful times of the year!

Embrace the beauty of autumn

Here are some exciting occasions that autumn brings and some great activities for the whole family to enjoy.


Classic, simple and probably as exciting for grown-ups as it is for the kids… conker collecting is so much fun. Use them to play the classic game or bring them into your creative crafting.


Pumpkin picking

While you can go to the supermarket and choose your pumpkin, there’s nothing better than picking your own! Loads of farms open their doors in autumn for you to select and pick your pumpkin. Whether it’s to carve or to eat, it’s way more fun this way.


Collecting leaves

Autumn means a wonderful array of leaves in many beautiful colours. Go on a leaf hunt, see how many you can collect of different shapes, sizes and colours. Use them to make a picture!


Jump in leaves

If you have a garden where leaves fall, rake them up into a pile and go crazy! You’ll also find loads of places leaves collect under trees while you’re out and about.



Find a local display – there are lots these days that do child-friendly fireworks that aren’t too loud. Wrap up warm and enjoy watching the sky light up!



Lots of fruit can be found at this time of year, so why not combine a family walk with some foraging! You may be able to find blackberries, apples and even wild garlic! Then you can get creative in the kitchen with all your hand-picked ingredients.


Welly walk

Pop on your wellies and head off for a walk. Whatever the weather you can enjoy all the beauty around you that autumn brings. Make a list of fun things to find on your way and cross them off as you go.


Scarecrow spotting

Scarecrow festivals take place all over the UK. Towns and villages go all out with wonderfully creative scarecrows just waiting for little people to spot them! Definitely worth a Google to see if you have one near you.


Watch the sunset

With the sun going down earlier and earlier, watching it set is a lovely end to the day and also a good cue that it’s time for the little ones to go to bed!