Even Babies Hurt Our Feelings

You’ve spent the last ten minutes performing pantomime for your baby, mustering every expression in the human facial vocabulary, and not a smile – not even a hint. That time you slaved over the stove cooking a delicious homemade meal for your tot and not only was it met with utter disdain but hurled on the floor with insulted indifference. Or when you pull in for a cuddle and your child spots a friend from nursery and your love is forgotten.

Even Babies Hurt Our Feelings

You hide the tears but your feelings have been hurt. It’s a parent’s life.

In a new survey by Babycenter.com parents were asked to articulate when their child first hurt their feelings and the majority of respondents said that it was between one and two years of age when the deed was first done. Check out the full results:

• Before age 1 – 15 per cent
• 1 to 2 years old – 39 per cent
• 2 to 3 years old – 6 per cent
• 3 to 4 years old – 5 per cent
• 4 to 5 years old – 3 per cent
• 5 to 8 years old – 2 per cent
• It hasn’t happened yet – 30 per cent

So it seems that even littlies, with their sweet faces and beaming innocence, can hurt our feelings. Bless them. Bless us!

Source: Babycenter.com – “When did your child first hurt your feelings?”