My Little Masterpiece

Fun festive themed crafts for children

Crafting is great fun for children and adults alike, and there’s no better time to get out your arts and craft box than Christmas! Let your creative juices flow with these festive themed crafts, with everything from cards to tree decorations, and paper chains to puppets.


festive themed crafts


Santa handprint card

All you need to make this is some card, cotton balls, paint and a hand!


Egg box festive fun

This is a great way to recycle your egg boxes and for your children to have loads of fun too.


Paper plate Christmas tree

With some paper plates, green paint and pompoms (or other decorations), your little ones can make some great trees.


Toilet-roll-tube gingerbread men

Keep toilet-roll tubes or kitchen-roll tubes and turn them into festive gingerbread men with googly eyes and other decorations.


Cork reindeers

Save a few corks, add some eyes, a red nose and some pipe cleaners for antlers and you can make great reindeer decorations for your tree.


Sock snowman

It’s simple to make a fun snowman out of old, white socks! Kids will have so much fun making these to decorate the house or gift to people.


Potato stamp wrapping paper

Have fun, save money and wrap your gifts in your homemade wrapping paper with this great Christmas craft.