Finding a balance with children using technology

Technology plays a huge part in our lives these days. And there’s no escaping it, as much as you may want to. When it comes to guiding our children, we’re now faced with not only the real world, but the virtual one too.



Technology is here to stay and the world is becoming more digitally driven. Technology can be empowering for children of all ages, with tools that help them learn in fun and engaging ways and express their creativity. Children who are tech-savvy may also be better prepared for a workforce that will be predominantly digital in the future.


At the same time, there’s a worry for parents about the impact of too much screen time on healthy development and their children becoming tethered to technology.


As with most situations, a balanced approach works best. Social psychologist, Adam Alter, says: “The most important step is to establish a balanced or sustainable relationship with tech. There’s a time for screens, but not at the expense of time for physical activity and connecting with real people in real time.”


The balance of technology for your family may well be different to that of others around you, as every parenting style is unique. In general, though, if your family can reap the benefits of technology without feeling many of the harmful effects and you feel confident in how your children are using technology, you’ve likely found balance.


Technology draws in parents as much as it does children. Now we check our phones regularly, can access emails easily and it can be very hard to ‘switch off’. But parents are role models for children, so follow the same rules with technology as you want your children to.