Five simple tips for home schooling

With UK schools closed due to the current coronavirus situation, many parents are facing the prospect of having to do something they never intended to: home school their children.

Here are five simple tips to help you through home schooling.


Stick to a routine

This could prove invaluable over the coming weeks as we face uncertainty in every aspect of life. Your routine should include breaks, as your children would have at school. During these times plan fun things to do with your children or just let them run about in the garden (if you have one) or take some other form of down time, even if it’s watching the TV. Make sure to stick to the routine as much as you can each day; so don’t make it unrealistic or unachievable.


Let them learn at their own pace

One of the benefits of home schooling is your child has one-to-one attention and no distractions from other children. So, if they don’t understand something quickly, you have plenty of time to go over it as many times as you need to until they do. On the same count, if they grasp the concept straight away, you’re able to move them onto the next task as soon as they’re ready.


Reverse the roles

Let your child be the teacher for a while. This can stop learning from becoming boring and keep them interested. Go online and find a topic they should be studying in line with the curriculum, or just make up one of your own (any learning is good learning). Give them the resources to investigate and find out the things they need to, then have them present the information to you. This will give them a sense of achievement as well as helping them retain information.


Show interest in their work

This is a great opportunity for you to be involved in your child’s academic journey on a level you’ve probably not been before. Rather than seeing their work and hearing about it during parent-teacher consultations, you’re now engaging in it in real time. Take an interest in what they’re doing as this can help to inspire them to work harder.


 Don’t panic

Everyone is in the same boat at the moment. Overwhelming as it may be, all you can do is your best. There will be people home schooling their children in all kinds of different ways – none of which are necessarily right or wrong. Remember: you’re a parent, not a teacher, and you’re probably juggling an awful lot of things at the moment. Anything you do is great