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Foods for fussy eaters

My year-old niece is a picky eater – her mamma and papa cook her the most amazing whole food deliciousness (putting my simple Weetabix-for-breakfast to shame) and I’m telling you, she eats barely any of it. What a crying shame – all that effort, shunned!

I often wonder what it would take to get her eating decent meal portions – and has the answer. In search of food that might suit picky eaters, Karen Cicero, writer for “Parents” magazine rounded up some ideas from people in the know. Check out these suggested foods for fussy eaters:

The taste researcher’s list (Marcia Penchant, Ph.D., scientist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia):

·         stir-fried broccoli

·         tomato soup

·         fried calamari

·         pomegranate seeds

·         chicken satay

The waiter’s menu (Nicole Jones, server at a Japanese restaurant in New York):

·         edamame

·         fish with teriyaki sauce

·         tempura green beans

·         veggie dumplings

The menu planner’s picks (Jill Patterson, R.D., nutritionist for the Chartwells School Dining Services in Newtown and Weston, Connecticut):

·         bell peppers

·         white pizza

·         hummus

·         yoghurt parfait

The flavour scientist’s choices (Michelle Hagen, a flavourist for a large food- development company):

·         coconut waffles

·         sweet-potato fries

·         cinnamon

·         pineapple

The pre-school teacher’s cheat sheet (Diane Tunis, Head Start teacher in Silver Spring, Maryland):

·         cucumbers

·         frozen orange juice

·         celery

·         icy grapes

There is a different reason for each food being on the list but what binds the dishes together is that the ‘experts’ have seen children eat all of the above, with relish!

To find out more about the reasoning behind why picky eaters will eat the above list of foods, read “21 Foods to Tempt Your Picky Eater” on