Four fun ways to bring the outdoors indoors

A quick, easy and fun way to bring your home to life is to bring a little bit of nature in. While you may often have bunches of flowers around the house, there are loads of more creative ways to embrace the natural world with your child. Here are four fun and creative ways you can bring the outdoors inside.


Make nature paintbrushes

Go for a walk and look for some things you can use to make paintbrushes. Bushes, shrubs and trees with sturdy leaves are great. Also gather a few short sticks you can use as the handles for your bushes. Use rubber bands or tape to secure the plants and leaves to the sticks then get creative with paints! Kids will love seeing how the different leaves make interesting marks and shapes on the paper.

Sorting seeds

Go on a seed hunt around the kitchen and you may be surprised at what you’ll find. Scrape seeds from inside peppers, apples, kiwi fruit, tomatoes and any other fruits and vegetables you have. Put all the seeds onto a tray and give your little ones containers to sort them into (an egg box works really well). Let them sort the seeds by size, shape, colour or any other category they choose.

Plant something

You don’t need a vegetable garden to grow things at home. Growing seeds just to see the little sprouts emerge is a fun activity for children that teaches them about the lifecycle of a plant. Engage them from the start by getting them to predict how long it will take for the seeds to grow and measure them to document their growth. You can use almost anything as a home for seedlings – from yoghurt pots and toilet roll tubes to egg cartons.

Rock painting

There’s been an influx of rock painting over the last year or so, with people leaving them out and about in towns and villages for others to find. This is a great way to get creative and crafty with your little ones. Even if you can’t leave them for someone else to find, you can make fabulous designs to keep as ornaments. You can even make cool games out of them, like dominoes.