Four Reasons Your Baby Might Be Waking Up

Bubs fed, changed, totally healthy and still waking up? Here are 4 things you might not have thought to check…

Reasons Your Baby Might Be Waking Up

Baby needs to feel secure

Little ones sleep best when they feel snug—thanks to nine long months within the cosy confines of mum’s womb. To replicate this comforting in-utero security, try swaddling, and opt for a white noise machine, too, because silence can also be alarming.

Baby is too hot—or too cold

Newborns aren’t able to regulate their body heat, so you need to find that happy, temperate medium for their sleep space. Invest in a room thermometer, and dress baby in natural, breathable fabrics.

Baby has a wardrobe malfunction

If our PJs get twisted in the night, or our toes get chilly, it’s easy for us to fix the problem—for babies, not so much. Avoid putting your littlie in an annoyingly uncomfortable pickle by dressing him in a footed sleepsuit, which won’t get draughty, or tangled.

Baby needs reassurance

Your little one has been connected to you (literally) for close on a year; it’s only natural that if they wake up alone, they’ll want to reconnect, aka grab a cuddle—or five.

Via Netmums