Fresh Food Feeder

If you’re nervous of giving your baby solids but want to get them used to the flavours (and nutrients) in fresh food, then this brilliantly simple weaning gadget is a must-have.  It is also testament to the power of saliva – something babies seem to have a never-ending supply of!

Simply pop your chosen piece of peeled apple, banana, cucumber, rusk or even cooked meat into the mesh bag and snap the BPA-free handle shut.  Then your baby can safely explore the contents by sucking, chewing and, yes, drooling on the net.  No hard-to-swallow chunks to deal with, just the tiniest extracts of food are sieved through, giving you total piece of mind.

But I warn you…once your baby has discovered some delicious new taste sensations, they’ll be hankering after the whole food before long.  I know I’m not the only mum who’s had a piece of toast literally grabbed out of her hands by a hungry baby!  (see my post on baby-led weaning for more on this topic!).

The Fresh Food Feeder is a great way to introduce young babies to solids, without any fear of choking.  £9.99  for a pack of 2 from