Fun in the sun with toddlers

When the weather is warm it’s the perfect time to get out in the fresh air with your little ones. Toddlers love exploring the great outdoors – whether it’s a walk around a local park or just in the back garden. Here are some ways to have lots of fun in the sun with toddlers.


Outdoor painting

Getting little ones painting outdoors is a great way to let them get messy and have lots of fun. There are loads of different ways to experiment with paints. You can create a giant canvas for them with a window or patio doors – using washable paints, they can let their imaginations go wild, whether with brushes or their hands. Foot painting is another good outdoor activity for toddlers, where you can use a large piece of paper or card to let them make colourful footprints.

Water fun

Kids love water and any activity that involves getting wet is not only fun but also a great way to cool down on a sunny day. If you have a paddling pool, toddlers can have hours of supervised entertainment with bath toys or bowls, jugs and cups. But you don’t need a pool to have water fun; a large bowl, bucket or any other container will be plenty to keep your children amused.

Teddy bear’s picnic

Picnics are a lovely activity for all the family to enjoy and toddlers will love it all the more if all their teddies are invited. Set up a rug or a blanket on the lawn, get everyone comfy and have a fun lunch or teatime. This is also a good way to encourage little ones to try new foods.