Fun in the sun with water

There’s nothing better than playing water games on a hot summer’s day, and it’s not just for the kids! All the family can have fun in the sun with water. Here are some games to keep you entertained in the garden on a sunny day.


Funny little boy with his father playing with garden hose in sunny backyard. Preschooler child having fun with spray of water. Summer outdoors activity for kids.


Water Fights

Water fights never get old and you can use anything you have around the house to get water over each other – from plastic cups and balloons, to watering cans and even the hose pipe.


Sponge Run

Sponge Run is a fun game that will get everyone active (and wet too). All you need are some sponges and some buckets or bowls. Fill two buckets with water and put them at one end of the garden, put two empty ones at the other end. Players need to dunk the sponge in the bucket to soak up as much water as possible, then put the sponge on their head, run to the empty bucket and squeeze the water out. The winner is the one who fills the empty bucket up first.


Pass the Water Balloon

This messy game takes a spin on the classic Pass-the-Parcel. Fill a balloon with water and sit in a circle, passing the balloon while the music plays. Whoever is holding the balloon when the music stops gets the balloon popped over their head.


Cup of Chance

Another fun way to get all the family involved in some water fun. Gather as many plastic cups as you have and place them on a table in the garden, filling some of them with water and leaving some of them empty. Each player has to take a cup without looking (blindfolded or with their eyes closed) and tip it over their head. If you have enough people you can play so whoever gets wet is out, and the winner is the last one standing, or you can just keep on playing for fun!


No matter how you and your kids decide to play outside, remember to apply sun protection cream at regular intervals to keep your skin safe in the sun!