Fun learning card games for children

If you’re looking for games to enjoy playing as a family, you can’t go wrong with a simple game of cards. And this can be a really good learning tool for children of all ages too!

Fun learning card games for children



Classic, simple, fast, furious and crazy, this game helps memory skills.


How to play: Deal the cards into two stacks, face down. Without looking, each player turns over the top card to start another pile. Keep going until two cards are the same and whoever notices and is first to shout ‘Snap!’ wins the pile of cards. The game continues until all cards are gone and the one with the most wins.



Again, a great game for memory skills and can also be played alone.


How to play: Scatter a deck of cards face down in any formation you like. The goal is to simply match cards in sets of two. Turn over two cards to see if they match. If they do, you keep both cards and if not, you put them back where they were. The key is to make a note of what the cards were and where they were, so you can pick them again to make a match. The winner is the one with the most matches once all the cards have been taken.



A simple game that can keep kids entertained for ages.


How to play: Deal the entire deck of cards face down between two players, so each has a stack of 26 cards. Without looking, both players turn a card over at the same time and the one with the higher number wins both cards. If both cards are the same, players then deal three cards face down, followed by one face up. This time, the higher number takes all of the cards. Play continues until one person runs out of cards.


Go Fish

This is a great kids activity and learning game about numbers, patterns and pairs.


How to play: Each player gets five cards and the remaining ones are placed in a pile, face down. Each person gets a turn to ask another for a specific card that’s the same as one in their hand – for example, if you have a nine, you can ask another player for all of their nines, which they then have to give to you. If they have the card you ask for, you then get another go. If the player you ask doesn’t have the cards they say ‘Go Fish!’ You then take the top card from the draw pile – if it’s the one you wanted, show it to the other players, if not you just add it to your hand. The aim of the game is to get a set of four cards of the same rank, which you then place aside from your hand. The winner is the player who has the most matches of four when all the cards run out.