My Little Masterpiece

Fun things to make with a cardboard box

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that quite often (nearly always) my son’s game of choice would be anything that involved a cardboard box. Any delivery would be greeted with the delighted squeal of ‘can I play with the box’? I think at one point, I actually had around six or seven boxes of varying sizes taking up pretty much all the floor space in my living room.



While sometimes he merely wanted to sit in them, other times I watched in awe as his imagination ran wild, pretending he was everything from a train driver to a newsreader on the TV! Keep hold of your boxes and prepare for some fun with these ideas.



A fairly large box is best for this, or a smaller one if they just want to put it on their head. Cut out a square from the box to create a ‘screen’. Decorate round the edge with some buttons (stuck on or drawn on) and voila! Your kids can pretend they’re on telly in their favourite show.



It’s not that tricky to create a house, with a bit of strong tape and imagination. You can add a roof, make a chimney, cut out or draw windows on – even decorate the front with flowers. Great for dolls or other figures (or even the family cat – we know how much they love a box too!).


Car track

Open up a cardboard box, tape the edges together and you have a great space to make a road for your little one’s cars. Add roundabouts, yellow lines, even use other toys to add people, houses, etc.



If you have a big box, cut out a hole for the head and arms, and leave the bottom open – your child can instantly be transformed into a robot! Paint and decorate the box with buttons and other robot gadgets.


Toy box

Decorate a sturdy box of any size with whatever takes your fancy – from material to coloured paper, from paints to fluffy crafts. This is a great way to encourage your little ones to tidy away their toys and gives you some additional storage!


Fish tank

Cut the top and bottom off of a box, decorate the inside with blue paper or paint it blue. Cut out cardboard or paper fish and decorate them as brightly and creatively as your little one wants to. Attach strings to the fish and hang them from the inside top of the box to create a colourful and fun fish tank.