Getting your children involved with household chores

From a very early age, children are fascinated by the things you do. From loading the washing to doing the dishes, these are all things that they can get involved in too.

Getting your children involved with household chores

Here are some ways you can get your children involved with your household chores.


Helping with laundry

From simply taking the items out of the washing basket to popping them in the washing machine, there are lots of ways little ones can help with doing the laundry. It might be best to do this when you’re not in a hurry. You can also help your child’s learning by getting them to help separate colours and of course, pressing the button to start the machine will be so much fun.


Drying up

Depending on the age of your child, washing the dishes may be a little messy and the water may be too hot. Nothing is stopping them from helping to dry up their plastic plates, bowls, cups and safe cutlery like spoons under supervision.



Depending on the kind of vacuum cleaner you have, this can be great fun for children, watching things being sucked up! If your vacuum cleaner is too big or heavy, they could help you by using a small hand-held version. ‘Polishing’ and dusting can also be great fun too. Give them a cloth and let them clean the windows or the table. You’ll probably have to do it again after, but it’s a good way to keep them occupied and they’ll love ‘helping’ you.


Setting the table

This is a good way to help your children learn, as well as taking a job off your hands. Always supervise with cutlery, but you can let them set out placemats, counting the numbers they need depending on how many people will be eating at the table. They can help clear away afterwards too.



Get your children involved with sorting safe recycling, such as plastic and cardboard. They will learn about different types of materials, gaining an understating of the need to recycle. They can help you take the items to your boxes and put them in. You could then try and time it so you can watch the lorry take them away.