Gooey Goo Recipe for Hours of Fun!

Slime has had a bad rap lately—even the homemade versions, mostly because of the addition of Borax. Borax isn’t toxic to handle, but it’s a problem if ingested; and we know almost everything undergoes the taste-test when it comes to tiny humans. But fret not, here’s a safe slime—or goo—recipe to delight and enthrall little explorers for ages on end.

a toy for children mucus and liquid flowing on hand on a white background

The end result of this goo mixture is not quite like usual DIY slimes, but is still super-fun and brilliant for sensory play.

Encourage your tot to experiment with the unique qualities of the goo; slippery when handled gently, but solid when squeezed!

TIP: dress for success—aka strip your little one down to the bare essentials to avoid the extra laundry, and if it’s warm outside, set everything up al fresco!

You’ll Need:

1.5 cups corn starch

1 cup water

Food colouring of your choice


Pour all ingredients into a large bowl.

Mix together gently and thoroughly using a fork.

Make a second batch using an alternate colour if you want to add some swirly rainbow possibilities.

Get prepared for plenty mess, but also lots of fun!

Tutorial adapted from Eatingrichly