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Head lice cure? – According to new research ordinary conditioner will do the trick!

I had head lice a couple of times when I was at school; and it was horrendous. I have obscenely thick hair and mum’s solution to the plague of lice that infested my head-nest was to cut my hair really short. I looked horrid. The next time I had lice she ‘took pity’ on my hair and instead spent many many hours combing and picking the lice out.

Now I have children, one who’s just started Nursery and I am waiting for the day she comes home with lice. There is no way I will cut her hair so I guess it’s going be down to shampoos and combs – and the hope that it won’t spread!

The good news is that for lice to spread, head to head contact is required; they don’t jump or fly – so avoid selfies with your kids.

(Which reminds me… anyone see the ‘head lice’ episode of “Modern Family? – Cam just put a box on Lily’s lice-infested head as part of a ‘let’s be robots’ game (great idea!) to stop the little critters from spreading.)

The reason lice is so tough to remove is because female lice lay them directly onto strands of hair and cement them in place with a glue-like substance – and they stay attached even after the hair has been treated with lice-killing shampoos, which don’t come all that cheap.

New research published in the “Journal of Medical Entomology” says that special lice-killing formulas aren’t necessary – ordinary conditioner will work as a head lice cure.

Experts tested strands of hair with lice on it and found that lice on the hair that was left untreated were the most difficult to remove. Lice on hair treated with deionized water, nit-removal products or ordinary hair conditioner were much easier to remove, and most importantly; there was no significant difference between the aforementioned treatments.

The reason hair conditioner works as a head lice cure is because it acts like a lubricant and therefore less friction is required when removing the lice.

At least you know that you have an immediate treatment if your kids come home with lice – ideally the bugs should be killed within seven days of hatching… before they lay more eggs. Ick.

What do you use to treat lice?

Source: – “The best cure for head lice? Ordinary conditioner removes head lice eggs ‘as effectively as specialised products’”