Healthy Swaps For Your Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy cravings have a bad rap—mostly relegated to the realm of junk food, and occasionally, the seemingly inedible. But if you go to their source, it’s easy to substitute something better for you (And bubs).

Strawberry smoothie or milkshake in mason jar on pink pastel background. Healthy food for breakfast and snack.

Certain foods are definitely more popular with mums-to-be, and experts haven’t quite pinned down the science behind this, but they do know how to prevent going OTT with all the junk: Eat regularly, and often. Also, try to include protein and high fibre at each meal. Beyond that, here’s some simple swap-out tips for when those cravings just can’t be beaten:


Replace that bag of gummies with trail mix, dark chocolate, or dried fruit.

Ditch the ice cream tub for frozen yoghurt, or a DIY sorbet made from blending your favourite frozen fruits.

Sub milkshakes with a homemade smoothie: blitz together frozen bananas, cocoa powder, and whole milk for a chocolatey non-treat treat.


Don’t order out—make your own pizza by simply loading up a naan bread with a rainbow of veg, and a sprinkling of cheese.

If you’re feeling the call of the French fry, you’re probably low in salt and potassium. Instead, try the lower glycaemic index option: sweet potato fries. Bake them at home for an even cleaner version. Alternatively, bake a whole spud and pile it high with tasty, steamed veg or salad.

Via The Bump