Ways to help your child sleep in a heat wave

When we experience a heat wave in the UK, it can be a lovely, welcome break from rain and cold during the daytime. However, at night it can be difficult to sleep when the temperature is so high – particularly for children. Here are some ways to keep things cool and help your child sleep through the heat.

heat wave

Don’t have windows open

While it’s tempting to have windows open during the day, this allows the hot air from outside to come into the house and it’s likely to be far warmer than the air inside.

Keep curtains shut

When direct sunlight gets into a bedroom it will heat up the room. Keeping the curtains shut during the day will minimise this.

Cool bath before bed

A warm bath before bed is a good way to promote sleep. However, during the summer months a cooler bath can help to reduce your child’s body temperature before bed.

Use a fan

A fan can help to move air around the room and keep your child cool. Just make sure the cable and fan are out of your little one’s reach. The noise can also help to soothe them off to sleep.

Fewer clothes

When it’s really hot, the fewer clothes you put on your child at bedtime the better. A baby or toddler can sleep in just a nappy.

Keep children hydrated

It’s easy for children (and adults) to get dehydrated in hot weather. Keep a bottle of cool water by their bed that you can give to them, or they can help themselves to through the night.