Help for restless leg syndrome

When I was preggers I developed Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and it drove me crazy. It didn’t really affect my sleep but when I was sitting watching a movie, or my favourite show, my legs would start jittering around.

For me; I felt the overpowering need to move my legs, which I would do, expecting to feel relief but would feel nothing – other than the subsequent need to move my legs. No position was comfortable. Grrrr.

It was annoying and uncomfortable but apparently a common side effect of pregnancy – which usually manifests in the later afternoon and through the night.

The twitching, tingling and cramping I felt in my legs was not conducive to pleasant sitting. And boy, did I complain about it – my poor husband.

Do you need some help for restless leg syndrome? Two practical ways to combat RLS, as suggested by, are:

1. Regular exercise: gentle exercise in the evening and stretch your legs before bed, and a leg massage is never a bad idea.

help for restless leg syndrome

2. Reduce caffeine intake: caffeine may make your symptoms worse, so avoid tea, coffee and the usual suspects six hours before bedtime.

Thank goodness, for the sake of my sanity and my husband’s, the RLS went away after my daughter was born.

Just another thing to look forward to all ye pregnant RLS-suffering-mums out there.