Homemade games for children

There are billions of toys and games available to buy, but why not make your own? As all parents have probably experienced, kids tend to get bored with the things they have pretty quickly, so instead of spending a fortune on games to entertain your little ones, have a go at making some of these homemade ones instead.

Homemade games for children

Paper plate ring toss

All you need is a few paper plates, some paints and a long cardboard tube. Cut the middle out of the plates and paint the ‘rings’ that are left, dividing them into two lots of different colours. Tape the long cardboard tube to another paper plate for your target. And there you have a simple, fun ring toss game.


Bottle top matching game

Collect as many bottle tops from milk cartons or bottles of pop as you can, ask friends and family to collect them for you too. When you have a good, even amount, print off pictures or get stickers and place them inside the bottle tops, so there are two for each image. Turn the bottle tops upside down, mix them around and you have your very own matching game!


Mini bowling

Collect cardboard tubes from toilet rolls and paint and decorate them in any fashion you want to. Set them up as you would pins for bowling and use any small ball you have to try and knock them down.


Noughts and crosses

Go on a hunt around your local area for rocks of all shapes and sizes. Paint the rocks with noughts on some and crosses on the others (or you can just make them different colours or patterns if you want to). Fashion a grid from straws, lolly sticks or just thin strips of paper and voila!


Points ball roll

Get an old box and cut out holes of different shapes and sizes along the bottom of it. Give each hole a number, depending on its difficulty. All you have to do is roll balls into the holes and collect points. You can use golf balls, marbles or any other small balls you have.


Air ‘football’

A simple, fun game that just needs a shallow cardboard box, two straws and a light ball, such as a ping-pong ball. Cut out a rectangular hole at the bottom of each end of the box for a ‘goal’. Using the straws, you need to try and blow your ball into the hole to score a goal.