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How to deal with ‘non-parent’ friends

Sometimes it can feel like parents and non-parents are a completely different species. From the moment a baby is born, things in life that once seemed to easy suddenly become filled with obstacles and maintaining adult friendships can be very tricky.

How to deal with ‘non-parent’ friends

Here are some things that non-parent friends don’t always understand:


Sometimes you can’t get a babysitter, you’re not going to leave your children with just anyone.


Your child’s sleep routine may differ completely from your previous lifestyle, but each child’s sleep pattern is different. What may seem like an appropriate bedtime for you and your child, may be completely different to your friends. It is entirely up to you what routine works for best to suit you and your child’s needs.


Conversations aren’t easy. You didn’t ignore the phone because you didn’t want to speak to them, it was because you were in the middle of feeding/changing a nappy, etc. You didn’t call back later it was because you were thoroughly exhausted and had probably forgotten they even called.


Spontaneous outings are a thing of the past. While it would be lovely to take a girlie shopping trip at the drop of a hat, these days you could do with about a month’s notice!


It’s so much easier for people to come to you. Aside from the military mission of taking a trip out with a little one, your home is where their toys are, and you know it’s child-proofed the way you need it to be. You’ll be able to relax far more without worrying about you little one getting their hands on your friend’s expensive ornaments.


Good friends, even if they haven’t experienced life with a child, are sure to understand that the things you once took for granted are now more of a challenge, others may not be so understanding. It’s a fact of life that when you have children, some friendships may become strained and even tail off altogether. It’s also important to remember that plenty of other parents will be in the same boat as you, don’t rule out making new friends around your child’s daily life, like on the school runs.