How to Keep Your Kids Hydrated

Grown-ups have a hard enough time drinking enough water—little kids are way less inclined to care. Low energy and irritability can be signs of dehydration; here’s how to get your kids drinking more h2O in the hot weather.

How to keep kids hydrated

Add Fruit

All kids love sweetness, so add a little fruit for a natural flavour boost. Make watermelon ice cubes by cutting into squares and freezing—or blitz up any favourite fruit and pour into ice cube trays.

Make It Fun

Think silly silicone ‘worm’ straws, cocktail umbrellas, or even natural food colouring…kids can really get into something if they’re distracted by novelty.

Got Milk?

According to experts, milk can be a superior substitute for water, replacing sodium lost through sweat and thus helping the body retain fluid better. It’s also a great protein source for muscle growth.

DIY Lollies

Blitz up favourite fruit and pour into lolly moulds for a perfect summer treat…and hydration trick. And don’t be afraid to sneak in a veg!

Model It

Little ones emulate their nearest and dearest, so if your child sees you drink water regularly, they’ll take the cue and drink alongside you, too.